Oceanic Scales

Through a series of multi-sensory, interactive games inspired by the micro-organisms of the sea, visitors will explore their role in maintaining a balanced ocean ecology to inspire change toward sustainable living practices by engaging the public to reflect on and perhaps better understand how we impact the environment at a local level. Light, sound and touch will inspire new ways of thinking about ocean health.

Watch the project unfold and follow the team’s blog at http://oceanicscales.com.

Artist: Gene Felice and UC Santa Cruz OpenLab team

Funded by: UC Santa Cruz OpenLab

Oceanic Scales is a place to learn and to be inspired.

It is a lens focused on phytoplankton, the first link in the oceanic food chain.

This project explores biomimicry as a tool.

It breathes and glows with a pulse.

It is a barometer of local ocean health.

It explores the tipping point between humanity’s desires and the ocean’s needs.

It allures with the promise of new understanding and balance.

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