The Time is Now

Our connection to the ocean is intimate and powerful. With over 70% of the planet’s surface covered by water, the ocean’s health is our health.



Despite a growing awareness of “green,” most people are unaware that our actions are polluting, depleting and killing the biodiversity of the ocean—or that we can make a difference. The ocean crisis is at a tipping point—the time for “blue” is now.



To turn the tide, creative and dramatic methods are needed to engage the public in ocean sustainability. Blending art, design, tech and science, Blue Trail is trailblazing new approaches with a range of innovative, interdisciplinary programs and projects.



Thanks to funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, we will be bringing our first installation, Oceanic Scales, to the waterfront in 2015. Watch it come to life at

Help create new and dynamic ways of engaging the public in ocean sustainability. Become a Blue Trail sponsor!

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